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A major advantage to hiring a company such as Texas Tree Pros and Excavating is the peace of mind knowing that we offer professional services from certified pad sites, driveways, recreational or trophy fishing lakes, clearing and land beautification.

The first stage in pond/lake construction is determining it's full intended use prior to selecting a location, size and depth. Texas Tree Pros and Excavating can assess all of your requirements and consult with you on how to accomplish your project within a timely manner within an adequate  budget,

To create a quality Trophy Fishing pond or a good basic foundation for fish habitat, happens during the construction - not after its full of water.  Designing contours, channels, spawning areas, log and brush piles for bait and fingerling fish to develop in, is essential to a quality habitat.e.

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​Driveways require a volume of material to construct properly. There is a variety and sizes of materials to choose from. Using the wrong material and method of construction can result in short term results, causing frustration and loss of investment.Type your paragraph here.

Land Clearing and Beautification when planned out properly transforms raw property into a manageable landscape portrait that utilizes it's full potential. Having an understanding of soil types and conditions, erosion along with tree and vegetation habitat allows for a productive plan for your property.  

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Texas Tree Pros & Excavating specializes in Ranch and Land improvements. We offer all stages of development from consulting and creative planning to completion for your family or investment land. We can meet a wide variety of your needs and are dedicated to providing a professional process. Some of our services include development of driveways, land clearing,  ponds and lakes, erosion control, wildlife habitat and land beautification.

We work with you even when you cannot be present. Texas Tree Pros & Excavating will ensure that all of your needs are met on pace, within the time frame given for your land or ranch.

Call 936-697-2925 or fill out the Request below to get started today.

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